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Airline Names

The following examples show that there are completely different meanings behind certain airline names.

We expressly point out that we accept no responsibility for certain expressions and that these are jokes.

AAAmerican AirlinesAlways Awful
Abort Abort
Alcoholics Anonymous
Amateurs Anonymous
A Miracle Each Rider Is Currently Alive Now
Airline Meals Eaten Regularly Induces Cramps And Nausea
AER LINGUSArousing Erotic Randy Ladies In Nice Green Uniform Suits
AEROFLOTAircraft Everywhere Run On Fuel Left Over By Tanks
AIAir IndiaAllah Informed
Already Informed
An Interesting Ride, I'll Not Do It Again
AIR BCAir Burn & Crash
Air Bash & Crash
AIR LANKAAlways Intended Return To Land And Not Kill Anyone
AIRBUSAircraft manufacturerAirlines Impose Regrettable Bullshit Upon Us
ALIARoyal Jordanian AirlinesAlways Late In Arrival
ALITALIAAlways Late In Takeoff Always Late In Arrival
Always Late In Transit, Always Late In Arrival
Air Line In Tokyo And Luggage In Amsterdam
Airplane Lands In Tokyo And Luggage In Atlanta
A Little Italian Tit And Lots Italitan Ass
A Little Italian Tradition And Lots Italian Attitude
ALMAntillean AirlinesAlways Late Machine
AMERICANA Miracle Each Rider Is Currently Alive Now Airline Meals Eaten Regularly Induces Cramps and Nausea
ANAAll Nippon AirwaysAll New Aviators
ANSETTAny New Stewardess Expects Traumatic Temptations
Aircraft Nosewheel Stuck, Expect Tricky Touchdown
AOMFrench AirlinesAirline Ohne Moneten
APSAAngry Peruvians Smashing Airplanes
ARIANAAriana Afghan AirlinesAfghans Really Into Always Neglecting Airplanes
ATAAmerican Trans AirAmericans Take Alternatives
Always Tardy Airlines
Alcoholics Transporting Alcoholics
ATIAir Transport InternationalAlternative Take Iberia
AUAAustrian AirlinesAussteigen Umsteigen Autobus fahren
Almost Unknown Airline
Another Useless Airline
AWAAmerica West AirlinesAlways Wasting Assets
BABritish AirwaysBloody Awful
Bad Attitude
British Apoplectic
BAABritish Airport AuthorityBrits Against Aviation
BB / CTABalair / CTABlack Box Can’t Tell Anything
Bruggisser Alternative Luegt Au Id Röhre
BCALBritish Caledonian Air LinesBetter Crawl Across Lover
BEABritish European AirwaysBloody Expensive Airline
British Excuse for an Airline
Better Eat Afterwards
BOACBritish Overseas Airways Corp.Better On A Camel
Blast Off And Crash
Book On Another Carrier
Bloody Old and Careless
Boeing Only Aircraft Club
Better Off At Caledonian
Bend Over Again Christine
BOEINGAircraft manufacturerBroken Off Engines In Numerous Gardens
BWIABritish West Indies AirwaysBut Will It Arrive
Best Women In the Air
Born to Wait In Airports
Better Walk If you're Able
Baggage Wandering In Africa
Britains Worst Investment Abroad
British Worst Investment Overseas
CAChina AirlinesChoose Another
CAACivil Aviation AuthorityCampaign Against Aviation
CAACCivil Aviation Authority of ChinaChinese Airline Always Canceled
China Airlines Almost (Always) Crashes
CAICanadian Airline InternationalCrash And Ignite
Call Attendants Idiots
Call Ambulance Immediately
Cruise Above Iceland
Circle Airport Indefinitely
Cancel Alaskan Itinerary
Check All Items
Copilots Are Imbeciles
Casual Atmosphere Inside
CPACanadian Pacific AirwaysCan't Promise Anything
CSACzech AirlinesCzechs Screw Anything
DAN AIRDangerous And Nearly Always Incredibly Rough
DELTADidn’t Even Leave The Airport
Don't Even Leave The Airport
Don't Ever Leave The Airport
Don't Even Let Them Aboard
Don't Ever Land There Again
Doesn't Ever Let Terrorists Aboard
Doesn't Everybody Like This Airline
Departures Extra-Late, Tardy Arrivals
Departing Even Later Than Anticipated
Drunken Engineers Land Too Abruptly
Damaged Engines Limit Take-off Ability
Directed Everybody's Luggage To Atlanta
Doesn't Experience Like This Andrenalise
EAAEuro Aviation AcademyEven Apes Aviate
EAL Eastern Air LinesEastern's Always Late
EDWEdelweiss AirExtreme Dangerous Wet-Lease
ELALIsrael AirlinesEntführer Landen Als Leichen
Every Landing Always Late
Every Landing Always Lousy
Egyptian Louting Arab Loathing
Everyone's Luggage Always Lost
EMIRATESEnglish Managed, Indian Run, A Thousand Ex-pats Suffering
FINNAIRFlies Ideally? Nah, Not Airborne In Reality
GARUDAGoes All Right Under Dutch Administration
Go And Relax Until Delay Announcement
GB AIRGribraltar AirGetting Better Airways
GULF AIRGet Used to Late Flights - Aircraft In Repair
JALJapan AirlinesJust Arrives Late
Jets Along Lazily
Journey Always Late
JATYugoslav AirlinesJoke About Time
JMCJust More Crap
KALKorean Air LinesKarate After Lunch
KLMKeine Lust Mehr
Kommt Leider Morgen
Kauft Lookhead Majestät
Komische Landungs Methoden
Kiss Like Mad
Kindly Leave Money
Keep Loving Marijuana
Koop Lockheed Majesteit (Buy Lockheed, Your majesty)
LIATThe Caribbean AirlineLate If At All
Leave Island Any Time
Luggage Is Always Tardy
Luggage In Another Terminal
Lost In-between Antigua, Trinidad
LOTPolish AirlinesLast One There
Lots Of Troubles
Luggage On Tarmack
LTULauter Tunten Unterwegs
LUFTHANSALet Us Fondle The Hostesses And Not Say Anything
Let Us Fuck The Hostess, Are No Steward Available
Let Us Fuck The Horses, Are No Stewardesses Available
MASMalaysian Airline SystemMost Asians Sail
May Actually Shit
MEAMiddle East AirwaysMonotonous Experience Always
NANational AirwaysNever Again
NWANorthwest AirlinesNation's Worst Airline
Nobody Out Ranks This Horrid, Worthless, Excruciatingly Sluggish Transport
OLYMPICOlympic AirwaysOnassis Likes Your Money Paid In Cash
PAPhilippine AirwaysPlease Avoid
PALPhilippine AirlinesPlane Always Late
Prick Always Long
Philippines Always Late
PAN AMPilots Are Not A Must
Poor Airline Needs Any Money
Passengers Always Need A Mortician
Plan On Arriving Nervewracked And Mad
PIAPakistan International AirlinesPanic In Air
Perhaps I Arrive
Please Inform Allah
Pilot Ist Abgesprungen
Passenger's Illegal Abductor
PSAPacific Southwest AirlinesPoor Sailors Airline
Paul's Saturday Airline
PWAPacific Western AirlinesPray While Aloft
Pete's Wobbly Airline
Piddly Widdly Airline
Please Wait Awhile
QANTASQuite A Nice Trip, Any Survivors
Quite A Neat Trick, Arriving Safely
Queer And Nasty Types As Stewards
Queasy and Nauseous, Tired And Sick
Queers And Nancies Trained As Stewards
Quits Air-travel, Next Time Approaches Ship
Queers And Nymphomaniacs Trained As Stewards
Quick And Nasty Transportation, Australian Style
RYANAIRRunning Your Ailing National Airline Into Receivership
SAASouth African AirlinesSuggest Another Airline
Service An Afterthought
Sensious Airborne Affair
SABENASuch A Bad Experience Never Again
Such A Bloody Experience Never Again
Such A Beautiful Experience Now Again
Select A Better European National Airline
SAHSAServicio Aero HondurasStay At Home, Stay Alive
SASScandinavian Airlines SystemSuch A S***
Sex And Service
Sex And Smörrebröd
Sex And Service
Sex And Satisfaction
Sex After Service
Sex Always Supplied
Sweet And Sexy
Service After Sex
Same As Sabena
Sit And Suffer
SATASuch a Terrible Airline
SIASingapore International AirlinesSex In the Air
So Incredible, Aah
Singapore Imitates America
SWASwan AirlinesSo wenig Auslastung
Swissair Wartet Ab
SWISSSo What It's Still Swissair
SWISSAIRSo Wunderful It Sounds, So Awful In Reality
Sexy Women In Swissair Service Are Indeed Rare
Sexy Women In Swissair Service Are Incredibly Raunchy
TAATake Another Airline
TACATake A/C Anywhere
Take A Chance Airline
Take A Coffin Along
Take Another Carrier Always
Tome Alcohol Cuanda Aborda
TAPAir PortugalTake A Pill
Take A Parachute
Take Another Plane
Try Another Airplane
TK / THYTurkish AirlinesTriebwerke Kaputt
They Hate You
TNTTomorrow Not Tonight
TRANSAVIATo Rape A New Stewardess After V1 Is Allowed
TWATrans World AirlinesThis Was Awful
That Was Awful
That Was Accidental
Travel With Arabs
Tightwad Airlines
Travel Without Arrival
Travel With Alcohol
Travel With Arabs
Try With Another
Try Walk Across
Try Walking Asshole
Try Walking Again
Try Walking Across
The Worst Airline
Took Wrong Airline
Takeoff with another
Terrorist Welcome Aboard
Terrorists With Arms
Teenie Weenie Airlines
Traveling Without Air
Today's Worst Airline
Tomorrow’s Worst Airline
Tomorrow's Widebody Accident
Tomorrow We'll Arrive
Totally Wasted Airlines
Tiny Wings Aflappin
Time Waste Airlines
That Was Accidental
Thieves, Whores + Alcoholics
UAUnited AirlinesUndress All
U Need Insurance That Exempts Death
Usually Not Inclined To Eliminate Disasters
US AIRUS AirwaysUnfortunately Still Alleghany In Reality
Underwater Seats Available In Rear
Usually Stewardesses Are Irrationally Romantic
UTAUnlikely To Arrive
Unable To Ascend
Usually They're Around
VARIGVirgin's Are Rare In Glasgow
Voluptuous And Romantic In General
Voyage Awfully Rough Into Gringoland
VIRGINVery Interesting Ride, Going Into Nymphos

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Aer LingusAer Fungus
AeroflotAero Flop
Aeronaves de MexicoAeroNervous
Air AfriqueAir Tragique
Air BCScare BC
Air CambodiaAir Forbodia
Air FranceAir Fresh
Air Chanc
Air IllinoisScare Illinois
Air JamaicaAir Jammin
Air MaltaAir Melt ya
Air MauritiusAir Murderous
Air New EnglandScare No Engines
Air New YorkAir New Jerk
Air New ZealandAir No Wheels Land
Air Of VermontAir Of Vomit
Air OntarioScare Ontario
Air PacificAir Pacifwreck
Air UKAir Yuch
Air WestAir Worst
Scare Best
Scare West
Air WisconsinScare Wisconsin
Air ZaireAir Scare
Scare Cal
All Nippon AirwaysAll fall down Airways
Alleghany AirAgony Air
Allemaybe Alligator
Allegheny CommuterAgonizing Commuter
Aloha AirlinesAll over Airlines
Altair AirlinesAll scare Airlines
America WestAmerica Worst
American AirlinesAmerican't
American EagleScreamin' Eagle
Arrow AirError Air
Aspen AirwaysCrashpen Airways
AviancaAwful anca
AviogenexAviogen wrecks
Bahamas AirBy llamas Air
Balkan BulgarianBroken Bulgarian
Bangladesh BimanBangladeath flamin
Big Sky AirlinesBig Scare Airlines
Bonanza Air LinesBanzai Air Lines
Banana Air Lines
Braathens SAFEBraathens UNSAFE
Braniff AirlinesBrainless Airlines
Brand-F Airlines
British Air FerriesBritish scare Ferries
British AirtoursBritish scaretours
British AirwaysKritisch Airways
Brutish Airways
Brutish Scareways
Harrowing Scare
Brockway AirShockway Air
Brymon AirwaysDie mon Airways
Business Express, the Delta ConnectionBusinss Distress, the Delta Rejection
Cascade AirwaysCrashcade Scareways
Cameroon AirlinesNo room Airlines
Become marooned Airlines
Cathay PacificCrash in Pacific
Central AirlinesBentral Airlines
China AirlinesChina scarelines
Cochise AirlinesNo peace Airlines
ComairKamikaze Air
Command AirwaysCommando Airways
ConairConned air
Condor FlugdienstCondor Flugdeath
Cordova AirlinesCart over Airlines
Cruzeiro do SulCrasheiro do Sul
Cyprus AirwaysTry a bus Airways
DanairDan dare
FinnairThin air
Gulf AirGoof Air
Laker AirwaysShaker Airways
Midwest ExpressMidwest Excess
PanAmPandemonium Among Airlines
People ExpressCattlecar Express
People Distress
People Compress
QuantasQuaint Ass
Quebecair Quick Air
United AirlinesUntied Airlines
US AirYousair
US Scare
Useless Air
Zambia AirwaysZombia Airways

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